ACCOUNT/Cash balance is negative what does this mean?

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I am new to Goodbudget.  I have the paid version.  I don't know if I am using the app wrong but I thought I could use the app as a check register as well giving me a checking account balance after applying transactions?

I created my budget/envelopes.  I have created most accounts.  I am starting this project towards the end of the month.  So, I received a paycheck and funded some of the envelopes for the appropriate amounts my check covered.  I then "applied" all the upcoming transactions for the week.  I should have money in several envelopes and have an unused portion or actual checking balance.  But in some of the envelopes that I funded it is red and shows a negative balance (these are also the envelopes that correspond to the transactions I applied).  Why is there a negative balance?

Am I using the app wrong?  
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Posted 2 months ago

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Hi Amy! To answer your first question, the web version will provide a running balance in an account but the app is a bit slimmer and looks a little different. You can go to the Accounts tab to see how much is remaining, although it won’t be line-by-line.

For your second part, it sounds as if the Fill you did with your paycheck was for less than the transactions you then applied. For example, if your Utilities cost $800/mo and you did a Fill of your “Utilities” envelope for $200 but then paid your $125 electric bill and $100 phone bill, you’ll show up in the red even though those are within the $800 you’ve budgeted (but not allocated) for the month. The red/green is based on how much money you’ve filled the envelopes with, even if it’s more or less than your targeted budget.

The first thing I would check is your Fill. Make sure the amounts are what you meant to enter, and that the date is correct.

If you have enough to fill all your envelopes at once, then things should reset and behave as you expect next month (or whenever your next budget period starts). If you’re not there yet, Good Budget has a nice tutorial to help you build up that one month cushion.

I hope this helps!