Automatic Bank Account Transaction

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It would be nice if this app automatically synced to the bank account instead of having to upload the statements manually. It would create a more 'live' app. I know there are other apps that have this capability but I like the other features goodbudget offers...just wish there was an app with all the bells and whistles!
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Micah Van Camp

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Posted 5 years ago

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Hi Micah, 

Thanks for your feedback and thoughts! We don't have anything to share about this feature specifically, but I can see how it would be helpful to have transactions import automatically to Goodbudget. I've added your vote to our request features tracker for future consideration. In the meantime, I hope manually uploading your bank transactions will work. Thanks again. 
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I'd like to vote for this as well.  This is a main feature of why I am considering moving to another system.  I've used Goodbudget for the past year and the manual syncing is getting tedious.    Mint, MVelopes, Wallet all have automatic financial institution linking.   I'm on Android, but this search came up.
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I'm an immigrant from YNAB (actually, still running it parallel...) and they offer this service. 
It causes a lot of problems. It frequently fails, because banks change their websites. Even the slightest change can cause the screen-scraping routines of these aggregators to stop working, and then it can take days to get fixed. Some people have been waiting months for a fix.
The service is usually provided by a third-party aggregator. 
The other big issue relates to being in violation of your bank agreement. Most banks indicate that customers must never share their IDs and passwords. Doing so renders your fraud protection nul and void - even if the fraud has nothing to do with the aggregator. Banks can refuse to cover losses or errors if they detect you're using one of these services. They can check these easily since all access to your account is logged. They know if you're using one of these services.
Recently YNAB introduced the ability to import transaction files directly from banks (like GoodBudget already does). This means that if automated import goes down, users can go to their bank websites and opt to download transactions directly. GoodBudget could offer both options, however, because you can end up in violation of your bank agreement, I don't recommend it. I disabled it on YNAB and changed my password to protect myself.
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Hi Alan,

I have used GoodBudget for many years and have not used the actual link to my Bank.  I've always reconciled many accounts by hand with paper records.

GoodBudget works great for me and I've been trying to help other envelope budgeters who migrate to GoodBudget here.  I have no history with YNAB at all but have seen a lot about it.  I've also tried to wrap my head around the way they do things with a lot of difficulty, in the past, in trying to help others transition to GoodBudget.

I would be interested in getting touch with you privately to help you work with GoodBudget personally and to also learn a lot from you about how YNAB works so I can be more help here on the GoodBudget user's forum with people who are migrating from YNAB.

I fully understand how many other envelope budgeting apps and programs work and have tracked other envelope budgeting apps and programs for many years.

I actually wrote my own envelope budgeting program in BASIC, way back in 1981.  So I now use my 40 years of experience with envelope budgeting to help others use GoodBudget here to solve so many of life's problems.

If you are interested in my expertise with envelope budgeting and specifically with GoodBudget, and would also be ok with me picking your brain about how YNAB actually works, please let me know and we could take our communications to email or other more private communications.  The last thing I want to do here is to confuse anyone else here with unrelated info on a GoodBudget user's forum.


John Vander Stel
Grand Rapids, Michigan USA
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Goodbudget is by far one of my favorite budgeting tools! If it had the option to link to your bank account or accounts, with an additional drag and drop option to place the transactions into the proper envelopes, this would be one of the most user-friendly and productive apps ever!