Can I Edit multiple auto-fill envelope amounts before update?

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I have been using the software for several months and am ready to adjust my monthly fill number.  Can a edit multiple envelopes and update once?  or do I have to update one envelope at a time?

I'm confused that the Review and Save area on the right side has a drop down box that requires a envelope name in it before I can update.  I don't understand the "Sweep any extra or deficit  
from:  (Envelope drop down here)
I also want to confirm that "update" only changes the envelop monthly amount to the new number and does not fill immediately but at my fill date.  

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Posted 6 months ago

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Hi, Pam.  If I am interpreting your question correctly, it sounds like you have a scheduled transaction for your regular fill and you are filling from new income (correct me if I am wrong).  To answer your first question, you should be able to make desired adjustments to all of your envelopes before clicking the Save/Update button.

The sweep envelope appears when you do a fill from new income (it does not show up when you fill from Unallocated).  The sweep feature comes into play when the amount you have allocated to your envelopes in the "Fill your envelopes" section of the screen does not match the amount you have listed for the "Amt:" in the "Fill from" section.  For example, if you list 1000.00 in the Amt field, but you are only allocating 900.00 to your envelopes, that leave 100.00 that needs to be put somewhere.  By default, the sweep envelope is set to "Unallocated," but you can choose any envelope you want.  You might want your extra money to go into a "Savings" envelope, for example.

Note that the word in front of the Sweep envelope will say "To" or "From" depending on if the amount you are allocating to your envelopes is less than or greater than the income amount in the "Amt" field.  If you attempt to allocate more to your envelopes that you have listed in the "Amt" field, then the word switches to "From" to reflect that the deficit amount will be pulled from the specified Sweep envelope.

If you are updating a transaction that has already posted, I believe it will only save your changes for that specific transaction.  If you edit a future Fill transaction (one that has not posted), then I believe it will save your changes to all future fill transactions, but will not change any previously posted transactions.

I hope that answers your questions.  Please reply if my assumptions were not correct.