Envelopes based on percentage of income?

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Ok, I just downloaded this app today, and I must say... "ITS AMAZING"!!!

One thing that I would recommend though would be the ability to fill or refill the envelopes based on a percentage of the income. In my profession income varies greatly, so amount on envelopes should too.

Less monthly income = Less amount in envelope!
More monthly income = More amount in envelope!

Would be a great addition to the app!

Thank you for a great app anyway!
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Posted 9 years ago

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I am new to EEBA and I like it very well too. But I will be waiting for this feature. I budget by Tithes/Offerings (10%), Savings (20%), Contingency Fund (5%) and Discretionary Spending (5%), depending on my income.
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Gabriel Sepulveda

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I really really hope this gets implemented.

I've been searching for this feature in an app for weeks now, to no avail.
If Goodbudget implements it, it will be the first app (to my knowledge) that has this feature, which is extremely important for a very very large amount of people who don't have a consistent income. 

In fact 1/3 people in America are freelancers, and some estimates say that within 5 years, half of the US population will move into the gig economy. 

If Goodbudget implements this, they will be one of the first apps to be able to cater to that audience. And they can market themselves as like "budgeting for freelancers", or "budgeting by percentages"

I think I speak for a lot of people here when I say that we REALLY want this feature, and will try and find an app that implements it. Not even huge apps like Mint have this feature.
And I've read reviews of these apps that have said that they wished that it could budget by percentages. 

If this was a feature that was added to "Goodbudget plus", then I would 100% buy it. It would be a huge incentive since I can't find it anywhere else, and I bet others would too. 

I just wanted to give my 2 cents, thanks. 
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Hi Gabriel,

Thanks for sharing your detailed thoughts on why you (and others) would find such a feature important. I've added your vote and your thoughts to our tracker for this request!
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I really really really really hope this gets done. I stopped using Goodbudget because of it. I'd have to do calculations outside the app anyway, so I just created my own spreadsheet which can automatically calculate the percentages for me. The downside obv is that the expenses are harder to keep track of. So I just do a global thing rather than detailed expenses.

I've been checking every 5-6 months to see if it has been implemented yet, but to no avail. The day it gets done is the day you get me back as well as all to whom I will recommend it. 

Plus, as Gabriel pointed out, you'll be waaaaay ahead of your competition. Don't wait for one of them to do it. Do it first. That WILL be a maaaajor selling point and will win you lots of customers and regain old ones. 

It's been on the list for 7-9 years now. If you're not going to do it, just say so. But if you are, it's high time.
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Gabriel Sepulveda

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I agree! :)
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Cesar Orlando Pallares Delgado

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Man, if this gets implemmented it would be such a hit.....it would cut so much the time I devote to goodbudget!!

I hope
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I agree!