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As a power computer user, I would like to have keyboard shortcuts available for the Record Transaction, Record & New, and Cancel buttons when entering transactions. This would allow me to enter transactions without having to manipulate the mouse, saving me time.
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Doug Renze

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Posted 8 years ago

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Steven Tafzil, Employee

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Hi Doug,

Thanks for the feedback! I've added it to our requested features tracker, thanks for taking the time to let us know.
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John L Conway IV

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Any plans to actually add this? At least a button for "Add Transaction" is needed, especially when reconciling. Usually I am halfway down the page when I see I need to add a transaction and have to scroll all the way to the top (since the header scrolls and isn't fixed). Being able to hit "a" or something to bring up the modal is a much needed feature and I honestly can't believe it isn't already implemented. 
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Karisa Russell, Official Rep

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Hi John,

Thanks for adding another vote for this request! We currently are not working on this feature. For now, I've added you to our request features tracker for future consideration. Here's a link to our roadmap that has a little more information on features that we are actively working on: 
I hope this helps! Thanks again.
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Xavier Dery

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Hello! I'd like to add my support to this idea.

First, a tip for fellow mouse-averters: while waiting for this feature to be explored by the developers, when batch-entering transactions, I type the dates manually on the keypad and use the tab key (pretty obvious but I still thought I'd mention it) to cycle through the fields all the way to "save & new" then hit enter - and recycle/archive the paper receipt, yay.

I hope this gets bumped up the features tracker! By the way congratulations on the reports on android, that must have been quite some work.

Why it would be nice: for people who are used to running desktop programs and are heavy users of keyboard shortcuts, this is one of the most annoying parts of Goodbudget! I'm sure it's even a deal-breaker for some. I use GB for our household finances as it's so convenient. On mobile it's great. But when I forgo entering transactions on the go for a while and I end up punching them all at once on the computer (happens to all of us), I ache! The claw!

When I do accounting for my business, using Gnucash and spreadsheets, I almost never touch the mouse. I also use Google Sheets a lot, and almost everything has a keyboard shortcut when using the web interface. I believe it could be added relatively easily without modifying anything in the current experience. It would just be an alternative input method for the click-button commands, that users content with the mouse-clicking need not even notice. They could be by default deactivated and toggled on in the settings (so they could not be accidentally typed by people not using them, causing confusing behaviour or accidental commands). Once the shortcuts are remembered (and most could be generic ones that most people using shortcuts already know), such ergonomic, efficient data-processing can be done.

I hope this comes across nice =)

Thanks for the awesome program

Shortcut wishlist:

Jump to transaction search field
   Navigate search results
   Refine/advances search
Open reports
   Navigation within reports
Add transaction
   Switch tabs (expense/transfer/income)
   Date + - day
   Date + - month
   Date + - year
   Save/Save changes
   Save & new
Fill envelopes
   Navigation thought the envelope filling process

Just off the top of my head. People using accounts and reconciliation, or other features that I don't use much or at all, would probably have a longer list =)
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Karisa Russell, Official Rep

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Hi Xavier, 

Thanks for the detailed wishlist, and explanation as to why it would be useful for you to have keyboard shortcuts. It's very helpful for us to know why folks desire a feature, as that helps us to prioritize what to work on. 

To be honest, this feature isn't on our radar. There are some other features that are more requested that we've been working on. But, I've updated this request to include your notes, so we can continue to consider this. I'll be sure to let you know if anything changes regarding this feature. 

Thanks again for your help!
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Becky Rusk

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I searched for shortcut secrets and found this request.  I want to add my support for keyboard shortcut features.  My first pick would be Add Transaction.  
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Karisa Russell, Official Rep

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Hi Becky, 

Thanks for adding your vote! I've added your name to the list.