My monthly budget is the same but the weekly allocations differ. How do I handle that with the envelopes?

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My monthly budget is the same but my weekly allocations differ depending on what bills are due when. For example, in miscellaneous my monthly allocation is $350, but the weekly amounts are as follows: week 1 = $50.00, week 2 = $250.00, week 3 = $0 and week 4 = $50.00. How do I reflect this in the envelopes if the choice are preset as monthly, bi-monthly, weekly etc? Thank you!
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Posted 3 years ago

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If you have monthly envelopes then the idea is to budget for the month (set the envelope to the total monthly expenditure), irrespective of when the bills come in. It might be that you cannot afford to fill the envelope in full at the start of your budget period but that is ok as you can add to the envelope as paycheques come in. So if your monthly budget is 400 you might fill the envelope with 200 at the start of the period another 150 a week  later and the final 50 the week after that. The ideal is to get yourself into a position where you can completely fill all envelopes at the start of the budget period...but that is not a necessity.

Or you could choose to have you envelopes set to weekly rather than monthly if you are paid weekly.

Either way the idea is to have the envelopes filled with sufficient funds in advance of the bill coming in. That way the funds are accounted for in advance and you will not spend them in error.
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Hi all, 

What Colin says is true. The overall goal is to make sure you have funds ready when the bill is due. 

I think it's fine that your allocations change each week. But, I'm sure I understand what you mean by how can you reflect that in your Envelopes. Can you clarify?

If what you mean is that you'd like the budgeted amounts of the Envelopes to change on a weekly basis to reflect the amount you plan to put in, then you might try changing your Budget Period to Weekly. Then, each week, you can change the budgeted amounts of your Envelopes. 

Or, you can keep your budget Monthly, and just let the allocations dictate how much you fill with each week, which sounds like what you're doing already.

If you haven't already, you might try scheduling your Weekly fills so that they're automated and you don't have to spent the time each week remembering how much should go where. 

You can read more about scheduling fills here:

Hope this helps! 
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While it’s easier to fill all the envelopes monthly, that’s not always possible at every point in our lives. I’ve had to work hard to get to that point (leaving some of each paycheck as I allocated until I had enough to fill a whole month on the first, then letting everything come in unallocated for the full month until the full on the next beginning of month.) Until you get there though, you can set up the envelope fill to happen at intervals. Since each week is a different amount, you’ll set up several recurring fills. Maybe it would work for you to have recurring fills the 7th, 14th, 21st, and 30th of each month? Hope this helps!