No ENVELOPE column in Import Transaction CSV File...WHYYYYY????

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Why doesn't the import transaction CSV file doesn't have 'Envelope' column? This would make importing transactions so MUCH easier, rather than dragging and dropping transaction by transaction to each folder (soooo tedious when you have never-ending rows: 128 last import try! gave up after 5 drag&drop). There is no option to multi select and drag&drop either! Also the more envelope drag&drop option is BEYOND annoying!

PLEASE FIX THIS!!! Add ENVELOPE column to the CSV import file.
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Xischan Aly Moreaud

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Posted 5 years ago

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Steven Tafzil, Employee

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Hi Xischan,

Thanks for the suggestions. I've added your comments to our requested features tracker. 

Would a multi-select option for importing work for you instead of adding an Envelope option to CSV imports?
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Xischan Aly Moreaud

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I think the BEST and EASIEST would be column addition - being a programmer and architect myself I don't see much complication to add this - as it will be taken care of on import. I extract my weekly transactions from bank's site in CSV format then update and categorise them into Envelopes, as it's very quick few-key stroke hit work in Excel, usually done within few mins.

The multi-select was a wishful thinking that at least that would be AN option, when import didn't work. However it's not the most optimal as it's quite time consuming to select one-by-one, holding shift or ctrl key and then make sure to drop them to the right envelope - too much hassle - HOWEVER it would be better than nothing!
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jo shmo

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Hi Steven Tafzil

I second Xischan's request. It seems almost essential to the purpose of importing spreadsheets that the user could map a spreadsheet column to a Good budget Envelope. I am on the verge of discontinuing my usage of good budget because of this missing feature. Importing bank transactions and having to manually map each transaction into a good budget envelope takes a lot of time, and being able to skip this step via an additional spreadsheet column would really improve Good Budget. Due to there being several forum posts related to this type of request ( ), maybe this request is worthy of feature implementation?

An alternative but still useful feature (if it is easier to provide) would be to allow users to import an entire spreadsheet / CSV into one Good Budget envelope automatically instead of having to select an envelope for each transaction.
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Premium subscriber here since 2011. An option to specify envelope in the CSV would be very helpful. Thank you.
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I would like to export transactions, start over at 0 with my existing envelopes and budgets, then re-import a set of the transactions I originally exported. An envelope column should make this quite simple.
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Mike Alleman

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5 years and no response. Interesting...... anyway, trying to clear up my malfunctioning household by deleting all transactions and reimporting some of them. There is no archive feature or a discernable way to clean up my database. I like the interface, but I can't use something that is not useable.
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Hi Mike,

We're actively monitoring this thread, but we're not currently working on this feature right now. As for deleting all of your transactions, you can do this in one fell swoop by Clearing your data. This is a permanent action that entirely wipes your transaction history (but keeps your Envelopes, Envelope amounts, and Accounts), and can be done by going to this link.

Also, as you say, there is currently no archive feature, but you can hide Envelopes and Accounts without losing their transaction history by simply deleting them. Deleting an Envelope or Account will only remove the Envelope/Account from your household -- any associated transactions will continue to appear in your transactions list, and can be viewed through the search function and in the Reports.

Hope that helps!