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Once the budget is prepared with surplus money left from the defined incomes, with automatically filling all envelopes monthly, How do I add money in newly created envelope with fetching money monthly from left out? Basically I want to revisit the budgeting exercise I did earlier.

Hope my query congealed!
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Posted 5 months ago

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If I understand correctly, you have more income than expenses budgeted, and want to put the minimum in each category/envelope and still have money left over to use as as a buffer for when your budget envelopes get close to empty.  Is that right?
If so, I would recommend that you add all your income to the "Unallocated" area and then fill your budget envelopes from there (as opposed to filling the budget from "Income" directly). This way, your "leftover" money will remain in the "Unallocated" bin until you transfer it into an existing envelope, or do a new envelope fill that's not part of your scheduled fill transactions. I hope this helps!
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Hi Avnish,

It sounds like you created your Envelopes and created a scheduled Monthly Fill to fill those Envelopes, but then added a new Envelope, and would like to Fill this new Envelope as well. Would you be able to clarify what you mean by "revisit the budgeting exercise"? Are you trying to add this new Envelope to the scheduled Monthly Fill you already created, or just make a one-time Fill to this Envelope?

If you're trying to add the new Envelope to your scheduled Fill, you can do so by clicking on your scheduled Fill to open the edit menu, and then changing the Fill options for the new Envelope. If on the other hand you're trying to just Fill that one Envelope, you can do that by starting a new Envelope Fill and then only choosing Fill options for that one Envelope.

Does this help? Feel free to post again or email us at if you have any more questions!