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My major problem with GB is the number of envelopes I need and the screen real estate they take up. It occurs to me though that a significant number of these envelopes relate to fixed monthly bills - like electricity, rates, insurances etc. I give each of these an envelope and I like that for it gives me a visual of where I am with my budget (if envelope full the bill is not paid yet and if empty it has been paid) and it makes it easy for me to adjust the values should a monthly bill amount change. My envelopes are all filled at the start of my budgeting period.

My problem regarding screen real estate is down mainly to the fact that envelope Groups will not remain collapsed but leaving that aside am I correct in concluding that the monthly envelopes are really intended to service variable spending budgets - like groceries, fun money etc. and not individual fixed payments, where the only budgeting required is to put enough aside each month? What would the team recommend? One envelope for a number of fixed bills would appear a reasonable idea but it does make it difficult to manage the amounts attributable to each of those bills (bills do have a habit of going up) and therefore the overall total of the envelope? Can notes be appended to envelopes?

Thank you.
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Posted 4 years ago

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Hi Colin,

This is a good question. I think it's definitely up to your personal preference. Generally, I recommend keeping your budget as detailed as possible. For me, that means creating as many Envelopes as I need for my bills. Like you, I like being able to see each bill laid out in it's own Envelope, so I can quickly see if I've paid the bill or not. 

However, if having that many Envelopes is cluttering your screen, then you might try combining some like categories together. Since bills do often change, it might make sense to try to combine bill Envelopes for fixed expenses only, so that you'll more easily be able to edit Envelopes for bills that vary month to month. 

Right now, you cannot add notes to Envelopes. But, I'll add your request to our features tracker. 

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