Schedule automatic payment at a custom number of days

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I wanted to schedule an automatic payment every 30 days, but I am unable to do so.  I don't see a workaround with what is available.  In my case, I manage two cell phone accounts that are automatically debited from my checking account every 30 days.  I'd like to line up the entry automatically as well in Goodbudget.

Any help?  Is this a feature that might be available soon?
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Posted 2 years ago

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This is already available.  On the Android version, when you add a transaction, there is a check box labeled "Schedule this..." underneath the date.  If you check that box, some other options appear including a drop-down box that allows you to select the frequency.  There are several options available.  There is also another checkbox that you can check to have Goodbudget send you an email reminder a specified number of days before the transaction.

I use this feature for several bills that get automatically paid, including my mortgage, Netflix, and my Goodbudget monthly payment.  It works well.

Another nice feature that goes along with this is that Goodbudget shows the next scheduled payment on the "TRANSACTIONS" screen at the top in gray with "[Pending]" at the beginning of the description.  These same transactions appear in the register for each account if you select the account from the "ACCOUNTS" screen.  It allows you to see what is coming and ensure that you scheduled it correctly.  Those transactions do not get applied to your account balance until the date they occur.  However, you can override that by tapping the little + in the green circle at the left of the transaction and selecting "YES" on the "Record Now" window that pops up.
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When I click "Schedule This", the options are as follows:

Every 2 weeks
Every 4 weeks
Every month
Every 2 months
Every 3 months
Every 6 months
Every Year

I don't see how you can get a recurring transaction every 30 days.  Please explain; because, if it is there, I am missing it.

Every 4 weeks = 28 days
Every month = depends on the number of days in the month

How would you get it to post every 30 days?
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I think we need to push this to Development. There should be options to schedule "every X days" and "the Xth xxxday of the month" (e.g. third Thursday). I believe you're correct though that there's no option to do that today.