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Hi there,

I have bank accounts in both Pound Stirling (£) and Euro (€). At the moment I can't include my Pound Stirling account because as there is no exchange rate in reporting the figures would be wrong.

Are there any plans to support multiple currencies?
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Posted 9 years ago

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John Vander Stel

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Hi Chi-En Yu,

I've tried to keep my particular request simple, but it has a tendency to get blown way out of proportion each time I've brought it up.

I understand what you are saying.  It's disappointing for many worldwide, but I do understand what your primary target market truly is and the limitations of a small team.

In your comments, I'm sorry to say that the major concern that I've also brought up many times in the past still hasn't yet Tbeen addressed.  

Offering an additional Family ID account at no charge does nothing to allow access to an alternate Family ID account with the mobile apps.  A minor tweak to the mobile apps would offer easy access to an additional Family ID account while mobile, just like the online version of GoodBudget has always offered!

What are the chances of getting an easy option to access more than one Family ID with the mobile apps?

My needs here have nothing to do with other currencies, It's a family need.  (Your target market)  

Some parents are trying to teach their children and other family members how to budget and handle money.  Others have specialized reasons for the need.  But it is a large need in your target market that isn't being met because of a minor login issue.

An easy way to access an alternate family ID with the apps would greatly benefit your target market.

At the same time, the proposed tweak would also have the benefit of offering a partial workaround for a huge worldwide market for handling more than one currency.

Please consider giving this minor tweak some serious consideration, as it greatly concerns your target market. 

This is the last time I will mention this problem on this forum, except in answer to a question directly from the staff.  In that case, please consider dropping me an email.

I never intended my problem reports and simple suggestion to cause a commotion here.  I was merely attempting to be clearly heard in the discussion.

Thanks in advance for your patience, Chi-En.

John  Vander Stel
Grand Rapids, Michigan USA

P.S.  My particular problem also happens to be related to a legal one.  If you have any questions about it, please don't hesitate to drop me an email.  :-)
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John -- it's already possible to access a second household from the mobile apps. If you're on Android, go to Settings > Logout. On iPhone, go to More > Logout. Then login with the second household's username/password. You'll need internet access to make the switch from one to the other, but after that, you can use it offline.
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John Vander Stel

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If one cannot access a second family ID local database on a smartphone without first logging out of the first family ID and then into the second family ID while online, then it wouldn't be possible to access the second Family ID's local database on the phone either, while offline!

I had assumed that both databases could have already synced and would be local on the phone, thus allowing access to the second Family's internal database while offline, just like how the user can access to the first family ID's local database while offline.

No possible access to the locally located second local family ID's database on a smartphone while offline.  Disappointing! :-(

Thanks for the clarification, Chi-En. :-)


John Vander Stel