Transactions: add option for Manual Entry OR Automatic Download, please!

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Dear Goodbudget, I am asking for a Mother's Day miracle. There are those of us who really do believe in the value of entering each transaction manually. But when you have a toddler and a preschooler, entering transactions on the go just isn't feasible (or you end up with knocked-over food and beverages at coffee shops, or stolen gum and candy at the grocery store). I fully intend to enter transactions when I can, but when I can't, I find that all my transactions pile up, and at the end of the night when I'm exhausted from 16 hours taking care of my children and doing laundry, house work, etc., the last thing I have time for is manually entering transactions. I'm so very sad because for so long I've wanted what Goodbudget offers (mobile capability AND ENVELOPE BUDGETING), but with the OPTION for AUTOMATIC DOWNLOADS, like offers. Is there any way there can be the OPTION to download automatically, but still enter manually when you're not totally sleep deprived with dark circles under your eyes?? Or have a feature which allows you to choose whether you are a MANUAL USER or an AUTOMATIC USER? I promise we still check our envelopes before we spend, but truly, when I'm so behind on entering my transactions manually, I can't realistically rely on my envelope balances anyway!! I feel like Goodbudget doesn't understand those who are parents of young children... please add this feature... please! The rest of the users can still stick to manual entry! But for those of us who just can't find even the simple one minute everyone else enjoys at the end of the checkout line, we would finally have an option! Thanks for at least hearing me out... And have a happy Mother's Day weekend! :) Tiffany
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Hi Tiffany,

Thanks for your feedback and we're really glad that you've chosen Goodbudget as your tool to track your budget. I understand how automatic downloads could be helpful for your household as it would save you time and energy. Unfortunately, we're not working on this feature at the moment, but I've added your request to our tracker for future consideration.

In the meantime, you can try downloading your bank activity and importing into Goodbudget via drag and drop. Read more here:
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Just an FYI - How many people don't even choose GoodBudget because you don't have this feature?  I was looking all over for this functionality as I'm looking at different software - Goodbudget looked like a good fit.  I'm going to try it and see what it's like with the import - but I'm dreading it a bit. 
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That's me right now.  I want to switch to Goodbudget, but I can't come to terms with going back to manual reconciling...
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Preach it Tiffany!  This was TWO years ago?  If you were working on it, how is this not an option yet? I love Goodbudget, but I'm seriously considering switching to Mint for this very reason.  I just can't keep up manually.  Importing causes problems because there are overlaps of transactions, transactions that later get withdrawn or post to a previous date, etc.
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Hi Nate, 

Sorry for the confusion! John's right that Becky meant we're not working on a feature like this. 

Feel free to check out our Roadmap if you'd like to stay updated on what we are working on. 

Thanks again
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Unfortunately, Becky's reply 2 years ago had a mistake in it.  Obviously, it should have read, "Unfortunately, we're _not_ working on this feature at the moment,...".

Apparently, there hasn't been many other votes on it ever since, thus giving it a relatively low priority.  More comments and/or votes on this topic would give it a higher priority.

I just added my vote.  Thanks for the reminder to do this. :-)

Just my 2 cents, for what it's worth... ;-)
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This remains my most wanted feature, though I can understand it is a significant amount of work given the security implications alone.  I'd take a fix up of the import screen also.