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Since the database can now be exported, and additional feature which would be useful would be to be able to attach an image(s) to a transaction, and to export this as well. This may be getting beyond the initial scope of the project, but it would be nice to be able to create an electronic image of the receipt at the time the transaction is done.

This could also be used for security purposes, as one could take a picture of the serial numbers of a high ticket item.
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Posted 9 years ago

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@cmchien, you have some good points. I'm sure you've already thought of some possible solutions, but here are some of my thoughts on this.

Compression, compression, compression
A phone camera might have a photo upload a photo JPEG at say 2000x1500, 300dpi and 1.7MB. If you resize the photo to say 1000x750, 72dpi (the photo might be a small store receipt, or a 8/5x11 invoice so you don't want to shrink it too much) and save the image as a 2 color PNG (black and white not grayscale, like a facsimile) then you would have effectively taken the 3MB image down to 39k, but the user can still read the information. I don't want to store high resolution photos of my kids, just a record of some of the detail associated with this purchase.

Original Photo (2000x1500, 1.7MB)

Compressed Photo (1000x750, 2 color, 39k)

Storage Restrictions
Place storage restrictions, just like webmail services place restrictions on the amount of email and attachments I can keep in my inbox. If a user starts to run out of space, they either have to clean up some of their old receipts or stop uploading them. A single image management page would be useful in this scenario. Download and save a copy of my images, then select and batch delete receipts, etc.

The more a customer pays, the more storage space they get to store their receipts. A motivation for many customers to upgrade their accounts.
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I think compression and 2 tone images are a great idea to minimize storage requirements. As time goes by, though, storage demands would only increase no matter how small you make the files. What if EEBA only held on to the images for 90 days and then deleted them? While that may seem like it defeats the purpose of a cloud based registrar, please hear me out. EEBA could automatically generate a monthly statement that includes a PDF containing all reciepts for that period and send it to users via email. This gives users the convenience of cloud based day to day records and also helps then keep track of records long term without putting too much demand on EBBA's servers. Users still have cloud based access to long term records of receipts by going back through their email.

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Love it!
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Another option would be to use dropbox, you could have the user input their dropbox account information or create a new dropbox account. That would give each user 2gigs right off the bat which would store a lot of photos.