diferent ratings!

I love your app and use it all the time! However, there are many products for which the health rating on the Overall Rating screen is different than if you scroll down to the "behind the rating" screen. For example: Today I scanned Purex Complete Crystals Fabric Softner, Fresh Spring Waters and the inital health rating was a 6.0. But when I scrolled down to Behind the Rating it was rated a 10.0. Which do I believe? Thanks for your help!
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  • Hi Sarah,

    I'm sorry for the confusion that our app caused you! The reason for the discrepancy is that the behind the ratings section only selects a subset of the rating to display — and for the Purex product you scanned it clearly didn't pick the right ones!

    If you look at the product on our website, I think you'll find the rating more understandable (http://www.goodguide.com/products/386...) — The overall 6.0 comes from the fact that the full ingredient list isn't disclosed (in this case because "fragrance" isn't sufficiently descriptive), and the 10.0 you saw in behind the rating is because all of the ingredients that are disclosed are okay.

    We're continuing to work on improving our rating explanations, so thank you for the feedback! Let us know if there's anything else we could do to make our app even more useful to you.
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