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Free/Open Source as a rating

Add a rating for both devices and companies in relation to free/open source software, specifically:

- a rating on how the device respects the user's freedom to use the device for any purposes they want (for cell phones I guess you might have to rate carriers as well) - this is similar to (Free Software Foundation endorsement criteria) although no current cell phones would qualify (except openmoko), it might be a starting point
- how much free/open source software is in the device (if any) and are the following the licenses properly?
- how the company is giving back and contributing to upstream free and open source software development: are they a leader? are they at least contributing back their changes?
- future plans for more free/open source software.
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  • Thanks for your suggestions. We are not experts ourselves in evaluating a cell phone or network's compatibility with free/open source principles. Our approach methodologically is to identify a relatively authoritative source working in a domain that has done detailed evaluations that we can then incorporate into our ratings (like we use third-party certifiers to characterize the environmental and social performance of different coffee brands). Are you aware of any such resource in the area of free/open software (remember that we need either attributes or evaluations by either brand or product). Note also that there needs to be some ability to discriminate between brands/products currently on the market, or to identify leaders in the space.
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