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GoodGuide installed but not functioning in Chrome AND Firefox

Hello GoodGuide. I'm sure this has been asked many times before, so I apologise, but I cannot find an FAQ or instruction manual for this.

I have installed GoodGuide on both Firefox AND Chrome, but it does not stay 'on' - it acts permanently like it's disabled.

I've done all the obvious stuff like going into extensions/addons settings/options... on Chrome it never works, on Firefox it seems to work if I 'preview' it...

Any help? I have adblock installed, and ZoneAlarm firewall

The only 'related question' is "Can't install on Firefox 8.0" - the advice in there is just to see if it's in the add-on list. It is definitely in my add-on list. Want to use this service a great deal, look forward to resolution.
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