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Hugo Naturals?

I am new to your website. First, let me say I was shocked by your fail rating for Hugo Naturals. According to the Environmental Working Group (Skin Deep) their products are the best on the market for personal care. Their products are chem free, environmentally safe, and they do not use animal testing. Now I am suspicious of your evaluation methods and more importantly, your credibility as an evaluator. I am curious to know why you have given them such a poor rating as there does not seem to be any justification for that.
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  • Are you asking about the rating for a specific product? Most Hugo Naturals products score 10 on Health in the GoodGuide system, mirroring the judgement that EWG makes about these products. But our rating system covers more than just health, and our final product score includes environment and social aspects of a manufacturer's performance, were Hugo scores much lower (E=4, S=3.7), primarily because the company does not disclose much public information about these issues. See

    Note that if you are seeing a "fail" about a product that means it is not meeting a filter that you have selected for products, which could include animal testing, safety of ingredients, global warming, working conditions, etc. Check your filter settings to make sure they reflect your preferences
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