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Organix (R) shampoos and conditioners should be evaluated too, please

Hey, first off, LOVE your site! Thank you so much for everything that it is and is continuing to become. I just hoping that you could include Organix (R) Beauty Pure & Simple Shampoos and Conditioners in your evaluations. They sound good in writing and on paper, but I'm sincerely hoping they're as genuine as they say. Could you please look into their company practices? Thanks so much!! :) - Danielle
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  • Thanks for your suggestion, Danielle! We'll definitely take your request into consideration. Be advised that GoodGuide chooses which products, companies and categories to rate based on a combination of factors including user demand, availability of data, market share and relevance to our methodology. Unfortunately, we cannot rate every company and product available to consumers, but we do our best to choose those that will be most helpful to most of our users.
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