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Raid Insecticide Products' Ratings Mistaken?

How in the world can GoodGuide in all good conscience rate so many Raid insecticide products with a 10 in the Health Category? Insecticides are well-known to be harmful to humans, and the toxicity is self-evident just by spraying a trace amount.

I call for a re-evaluation of the ingredients on products such as the "Raid Ant Killer" to check if they are safe to use.
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  • Thanks for your comment. You are correct that the insecticide ratings were incomplete - our parser had not processed their complete ingredient lists only their active ingredient (note that some insecticidal active ingredients are by design not toxic to humans because they target enzyme or other biological systems unique to specific species. We have removed the small number of pesticides profiled on our site until we are able to rate them using complete ingredient lists
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