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Sodium Tripolyphosphate is safe?

I noticed on your site 'sodium tripolyphosphate raises no health concern....' I do not believe this is a good thing to be telling people. On the MSDS sheets for this chemical it is rated with a health hazard of 2. People dealing with the chemical powder before it is put into food and other products must wear masks, etc. I personally noticed all my life that certain foods did not agree with my stomach, laundry detergents and shampoos would make me itch..... until one day when I was eating shrimp (never had a problem with shrimp before in my life) and it made me very ill. It took five hours after I consumed it to put me in my bathroom all night and all the next day. I decided to read the ingredients to try to figure this out. Sodium Tripolyphosphate and Shrimp were the only things listed on the ingredients. Then I started doing some research on the internet and found that I was not the only person out there who had the exact thing happen to them involving this chemical. I went to the market and bought some FRESH shrimp, which had no chemical on it at all. I prepared it and ate it and was fine. The frozen shrimp which had the chemical listed on the ingredients did not bother my husband one bit, so I prepared it for him, however when I just touched the shrimp, my skin turned red and itchy and hived up. I washed my hands in cold water right away and decided that I would no longer buy seafood with Sodium Tripolyphosphate in them. I took two hours for the swelling to go down.
Now I am on the internet looking for lists of products that contain this chemical and all I keep coming across is web sites saying that this chemical is safe....
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  • GoodGuide relies on the health hazard identification efforts of authoritative scientific and regulatory agencies, and their consensus is that sodium tripolyphosphate is not associated with adverse human health effects (other than the irritant effects associated with exposure to the chemical powder, which is generally not relevant to most consumer product exposures). It is deemed "generally recognized as safe" by the Food and Drug Administration in regard to its use as a food preservative. I understand you suspect that it is the cause of the adverse reaction you have had to treated shrimp, and it is entirely possible that there are individuals that are sensitized to have adverse reactions to this ingredient even if it is generally safe for others. However, our rating system is based on current scientific consensus about the safety or hazard of an ingredient for the general population, and sodium tripolyphosphate does not have a substantial record of health hazard.

    The chemical is a concern from an environmental perspective, as it is one of the main ingredients in detergents that contribute to eutrophication of waterways.
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