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What does "below the threshold" mean?

I feel silly for asking this, but what does "Below the threshold mean" when pertaining to ingredients? I've seen products that have a rating of 10 for health, but contain an ingredient that has the "Below the threshold" icon next to it. When I hover over the ingredient, the box says that it has a high health concern level. Understanding what the "Below the threshold" icon indicates will help me understand why something with a high health concern ingredient is still given a rating of 10 for health.
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  • Pedro Santos Vieira (VP, Ratings and Sustainability) August 24, 2010 16:42
    Thanks for your feedback. In some cases, the level of hazard of an ingredient is determined by its concentration in a product. If the concentration of a particular ingredient is below a certain value (" below the threshold"), the ingredient may be deemed safe as used in that particular product. It may also happen that a credible 3rd party tested a product and deemed its ingredients safe as used. In either of these cases the pop-up close to the ingredient explains why it was deemed safe as used.

    Unfortunately though, most of time manufacturers don't disclose the concentration of ingredients in their products. When this happens, our ratings algorithm checks for presence or absence of a particular ingredient. In this case the pop-up close to the ingredient explains the level of hazard of that ingredient and the information sources used.

    We understand from your feedback, that some confusion may arise in cases where both of these sentences are available in the ingredient pop-up. We will work on a better design solution for this issue. Any extra feedback you have on this is welcomed.
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