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I’m frustrated

Why can't I control or delete the AdSense ad Feedburner still places on my blog?

I am the owner of a Typepad blog ( and use Feedburner for the feed management ( ). Here is my problem:

There is an AdSense advertisement on my blog that is tied to Feedburner, and which I cannot edit (colors, fonts, etc.). The ad appears below the first post on each page.

If I could edit certain design elements, I would love to be able to keep this ad. If not, I would like to remove it completely.

I found one other user with the same problem (which I believe may be related to the Feedburner to Google account transfer, and the removal of all options under the "Monetize" tab) :

Any suggestions?

How do I contact a REAL PERSON at Feedburner/Google to get some help????
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