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Gopro 3 wireless not working

I also have a gopro 3 black that I can't get to work wirelessly.
With the gopro remote or with an iphone”
I have performed the latest update
"info version":"1.1",
"firmware version":"HD3.03.02.00",
"wifi version":"",
"wifi bootloader version":"0.2.2",
"wifi mac":"d8968509a550",
"camera type":"Hero3-Black Edition",
Never see the gopro show up on in wireless networks on the phone.
When setting wireless controls I dont get the “phone + tablet “ option?

I don't see “iphone + tablet” only see “gopro app”
When this is selected the camera exits wireless controls with the wireless icon on, and
the blue light starts to flash. I never see the camera show up on the phone.

I also cant get the remote to pair. I get the arrows going on both units, but ends in “fail”

I'm thinking that the wireless in the camera isn't working? I have tried to contact gopro support, but never received a replay?
Any other ideas, return it?
Still has a 30 day guaranty
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