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I’m frustrated

gopro customer service

lets start with the fact that they sell you a camara for 300-400dollars,but give you no manual on how to use friend just bought a gopro hero3.guess what,he has no computor.thats right,some people still don't have one.surprised?so he opens up the box,checks out the camara.puts it day we decide to check it further and figure out how to use we look for about 1 hour for the manual we thought we might of misplaced.looking for something we didn't even have.this is in a cabin with no computor,no internet,no phone.we had to drive 70miles to use a computor so we could figure out how to use a camara.ridiculous huh?then for some reason,maybe they just don't think.the manuals on the gopro site for that camara is 67pages.come on people, can't get it down to 20?look at the size of the print for each page.what a waste.they get an "F" from me for customer service.the phone number is no good.busy 24/7...they like to waste everyones time by making you think that at some point you might actually get some customer service..what a in petersville alaska.100miles to grocery store.
  • My question is why on earth would anyone live so far out with no phone at least??? What would your friend so in a case of an emergency??? My guess is that GoPro assumes that the rest of the world has kept up with the changing of technology at least to some extent. I would also ask, was there no research done before making his purchase? Usually before making such an extensive purchase, one (who is really interested in the product) looks into the product and finds out more about it and what is capable of doing before making their purchase. Even if it meant asking a salesperson in the electronics department about the product. I do agree that it seems ridiculous that there is no manual in the box with the camera. That is just stupid. I don't have one of these cameras, but hope to one day. I've been doing research on it for a university project and that's what brought me to this page. I guess I wonder hat a person who has no phone, no computer, no internet service would want with a camera like this. Did he think he would just take the camera to a local store (100 miles away) and have them make prints???
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