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I’m pissed

GoPro killed my Sandisk 64GB Class 10 SDXC

So I got my GoPro Hero 3 Black and I'm using a Sandisk Class 10 64GB SDXC card, been using the GoPro for a few videos with no issues. Tonight I took my gopro out sledding and my gopro died after about an hour, when I got home i put my 64gb SDXC in my Micro SD usb adapter and it wouldnt show up on my computer, i then tried using the standard SD card adapter and again my computer couldn't find it. I put the SD card back into my camera and now it's saying "No SD" and when i go to hit the record button it says "SD Err" whats going on here? This was working just fine for the first little while now I have an SD card that wont read on multiple PC's (and a Mac) and videos potentially lost as well.
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  • Better not to buy.

    Anything you purchase would be better than a camera that simply doesn't work, or requires a Masters in Technology just to use it every time.

    Here is an alternative: Sony HDR-AS15 Action Camcorder with Wi-Fi.

    Google it....

    GoPro is a lot duller than the Sony in low light conditions. The Sony's superior reliability. The HDR-AS15, also has built in Wi-Fi, but be careful when buying as Sony also makes a non Wi-Fi version.

    This is the first version, so the its not perfect, but the second version is likely to be a GoPro Killer. Especially after GoPro3 and the refusal of the company to even address the horrible performance...which is exceeded only by their horrible customer service.

    Sony does has two cool feature that set it apart from the Hero3 cameras: built image stabilization that really helps with low level vibration; and a battery that beat the Hero3 with 13 hours of battery life at 1080p.

    Another notch above the GoPro3 (even if it did work) a standard tripod mount, which is a standard feature of the Sony case - a nice touch.
    No matter what - avoid the GoPro3 at all costs. It is such a waste of money, it could even be considered a scam!

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