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Hero3 Black: 0.5s and 1s time lapse exposure locking problem.

Hero3 Black: The exposure time is not being adjusted during 0.5s and 1s time lapse. So if you start in a dark place, the whole sequence will be completely overexposed.
Strangely one part of the GoPro technical team (Linda N.) claims the problem is fixed in the newest firmware "HD3.03.02.00" and if the issue persists, it is a problem of the microSD card or the flash not being successfull and request the customer to re-flash and re-format / buy another class10 microSD card. While some other guys from GoPro Support (Chris H.) has apparently confirmed the problem was not fixed in "HD3.03.02.00".
So I wonder if Linda N. maybe refers to a not yet released firmware and is not aware that the problem still persists in the released one.
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