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How to make a clip using time elapsed pics from GoPro?

How do you make a movie/slide show with time elapsed pictures take from my gopro? I have a Mac, Snow leopard, and just upgraded my iMovie '11. Do not have final cut. Want to make a small movie clip of my 379 time elapsed pics. Thanks.
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  • I could not get the site to allow a pm, so i'll post this. I am not sure what the rules are regarding linking to other sites or even recommending them, but here is a link to a site that has a specific area for timelapse photography with the GoPro camera. Look up the index there, as well and enjoy all the topics, DIY mounts and different techniques used by GoPro users. Hope this info helps and is allowed here.

    I have not tried out the timelapse filming myself, even though I have made up a DIY egg timer to use for such.

    Good luck in what you find.
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