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I’m frustrated

my files wont open, and i keep getting the "file repair" icon while filming

i got my gopro hero 3 silver, at Christmas, and after some initial problems with the update, i got it working perfectly. however while filming skiing, the file repair icon appeared, and i pressed the power button, in the hope that it would fix itself, it did not, and i could not turn it off, so the battery died. when i got onto my computer i saw that my 15 minute video was still there, but when i tried to play it, it was black and noisy for a few seconds, then just skipped to the end. I'm having the same problem now, while trying to take videos it turns itself after a few seconds, and after about five of these short videos i get the file repair message. however after taking the battery out and putting it back in again it seemed to work, nd i thought i had taken some long good videos, but when i got on my computer, it would play the videos, even though the video took up 600 megabytes of space.

i have a 16GB memory stick, with a rating of 10, i'm using a samsung ultrabook, with windows 8.

any help will be much appreciated, because this was an expensive bit of kit, and the fact that i have lost a lot of my videos makes me sad :(
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