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My GoPro Wont Turn On

My GoPro wont turn on and I have no idea what is going on with the battery. It was working fine for a week or so and I had been charging it just fine in the front USB of my computer.

The other night I put it on there to charge. The red light came on like normal, but when I took it off a couple of hours later it wasn't turning on.

I still can't get in to come on and when I first noticed this, I tried to recharge it again in that slot and by doing so I powered down my keyboard which is the slot next to it.

This happen for about 15 mins. Then I plugged my GoPro into a different computer and red light came on again and it was charging. after that it worked properly again in my computer, but the camera still wont turn on. I hit the factory reset button (if it even exists) but nothing happen. I've tried everything pretty much.

Another thing that's odd is nothing happens when I plug the GoPro into a computer with the battery out and just an SD card in it.
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