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it skips when i film..... what can it be? What do I do to stop it from skipping, its brand new..
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  • there are a few things you need to do before you can say its your camera:

    - ensure the latest software is loaded (not possible at time of writing due to site down)
    -ensure your using the best quality microsd (hero3) or sd (hero2 and below) cards available. Strongly advised class 10 and above.
    -The HD compression is very complicated to store all the information of the recording. This is even more so with ProTune switched on (Hero3 only). Therefore a competent pc spec is required. Most users find using VLC media player to be the most powerful playback program out there, providing the best results. Also if your using 4k or 2.7k this compounds the issue further.
    -Framerate also has a role to play. With the new 4k video size the framerate is very low and is noticeable with the naked eye. This can give a stuttered look however i dont think this is what you may be experiencing.

    Hope this helps in anyway, GoPro customer support via email or phone are very helpful, just note that there will be alot of people with new cameras trying to ask them questions so it may take a while.
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