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I’m frustrated

WiFi Won't Turn Off - GoPro 3 (Silver)

No matter if I go through the setting to disable the WiFi or press the WiFi button on the side, the WiFi will always come back on and turn the camera back on if it was off.
This is absolutely driving me crazy.. everytime I want to use the camera the battery is drained because the WiFi mysteriously turned back on.
For what I paid for this camera and the "extras" I would expect it to actually work as I have set it up to work. These types of issues are very elementary and you would think with a company the size of GoPro they wouldn't release a product with such issues. Poor product development on their part.

Other misc issues:
Touch screen doesn't show the options (such as the trash can) all the time on the screen... you have to press over and over for the trash can to appear
Won't turn on sometimes
Won't acknowledge when plugged into PC/Mac

This product is a huge struggle and I have no confidence in it at all.
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