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I’m unsure

feature requested

onigear Dec 2nd 2008


I have try your trial version of Flip Flash Album Deluxe and really like it. However, the reason that still holding me from purchase the product is that it lack of some must have option such as password protect album and expire date to set limit time of album usage.

I plan to use your program to created album for member of my website to download and take a look at, somehow I want to limit the use by password required so at least if it been pass around to someone else but not from member to member then they would not be able to open the album without knowning the password.

Also if it possible to set expire date to album that would be nice. In that way when it was expire even they know the password of the album they, then have a limit time of using it before it expire. I could use that feature to make a returning member visit back to my site to reload those album again and get new password and new expire date offer.

If you are able to add this feature to your program. I would make a purchase right away.

Would like to hear from you, what do you think?

Thank you
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