I’m pissed

Can't read all of my comics in chrome web app or html 5


I've recently bought a number of comics. I've always read on my HTC Desire but wanted a bigger screen so I tried the Graphicly chrome app.
I now find out that most of the comics i want to read have this nasty habit:
I open the comic, go through a couple of pages, go to full screen and i get a full screen of background... but no comic.
I then restarted chrome, went back to the comic page and again... nothing.
So now i have angelus 1 to 3, Rising stars: Bright 2 and 3, soldier zero 4 simply not available.
And the problem remained, even after i uninstalled the graphicly chrome app and adobe air. So it's also in the web app.

This is quite annoying as it happens with new comics that i haven't read yet

Please fix this issue.
I'm using google chrome 11.0.696.77 on windows xp servicepack 3
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