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I have a few things to say, I talked to Kenzer Co who produce the hit comic Knights of the Dinner Table and asked them to contact you so they can try to get their comic in to you and they need to know some things first. They asked if you do the formating and what address to make an inquiry to graphicly you could contact Kenzer Co at Phone:847-662-6600 but if you tell me I will call them again. I read their comic every issue since I found them 6 years ago and they need to find a new audience for their strip.
Secondly I went to my local comic book store and they told me they don't carry any new comics anymore and that was horrifiying, the next nearest shop is 25 miles away and I don't have a car. I have for years on and off been buying up to 35 comics a month (although on and off). I am so bummed I can't get what I love anymore. I would hope you try to get the comics I love I will list them below.
I am an android galaxy 10.1 user and I am dying to friend other people and be able to start conversations with other but this android version doesn't allow me to friend anyone. Every time I read a comic I get to put a comment on facebook but I can't make friends with anyone can you fix this?
I have bought like 14 comics from you this month and I hope it helps you guys out, I will probably buy tons of them in time but I hope you catch on, how are you guys doing as a buisness so far?
These are the comics on my favorites list : Spider man, Spider Girl, (i would love the new spider man if you can get it, the one with the black kid who takes over for peter parker), Spawn, Knights Of the Dinner Table, Player vs Player, Dead Ahead, Green Lantern, Iron Man, Justice Leaduge, (i love this one) Aqua man, Dork Tower (they havent been releasing for a while but), Batman, Night wing, There are more but I can't think of them right now, I love these comics so much I am praying you get more contracts.
I love your app and we will have a good future together, thank you Jeremy James Simpson Sr.
PS my boy is now interested in reading them since I got the Tablet, he started reading and wouldn't stop, thanks.
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Posted 5 years ago

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Good afternoon Jeremy;
Thank you for contacting Kenzer Co! I have forwarded this information along with the titles you are interested in to our head of publisher relations as well as the creators advocate. I in particularly want Spider Girl as well :)
That is a mega-bummer about your local comic book store! One of the main reasons our founder created Graphicly was that he lived in the UK and didn't have a comic book store within hours of him that had the comic he wanted!
As for friending; you can do this by following on the web or friending in our Adboe App store. Unfortunately right now we do not have this feature in our android app, though once you friend users elsewhere they will show up in your community streams on android.
As for business side so far so good and we have a lot of exciting projects and releases coming up; a couple coming out next week!
Glad you are liking Graphicly! Please continue sending in feedback and requests so we can make our apps and offerings better and better.
P.S. :) I got my husband into reading digital comics in much the same way with the ipad. Totally in my opinion I think tablets were made for comic reading