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Retirement of individual apps?

Hi I'm just wondering something about the email I received this morning. I use the Newsstand iOS Walking Dead app on my iPad to read the compilation volumes and own the first 6. I want to keep all my Walk Dead books in the same app but from what I read today I will no longer be able to buy any in this app and only buy them in the iBooks store. I just want to check to see if that is correct?
Along with that question I prefer the way the books flow in the Newsstand app but if I will no longer be able to buy any new ones in there, is there anyway to migrate my purchases to iBooks so that I can have all the issues in the same app/format and not have to have two apps to read the books. I'm a little OCD when it comes to stuff like that and would really prefer not to shell out $60 again for the books I own.

Thanks in advance.
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