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green mountain wont take off a switch hold

I moving into a house, and the previous owner has a outstanding bill with green mountain, and They(green mountain) wont take the switch hold off-I guess because I dont wont to use they services.
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  • You are correct that a switch hold is applied if a previous Green Mountain customer set up a deferred payment plan. However, removal of the switch hold has nothing to do with whether you choose to use Green Mountain or not.

    In order to have the switch hold removed, you simply need to submit documentation to your electric provider (whichever company you select) that proves you are a new resident at that home. Sufficient documentation includes: a signed lease agreement, closing documents, certificate of occupancy, or an electric bill in your name dated within the last two months from a different residence. Your electric provider will work with the local utility company to remove the switch hold and turn on power.
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