juicing recipes for type-1 diabetes

Hi, I am Michael with type-1 diabetes. I have about 5LB of belly fat which I cannot lose.I have just started the juicing, but don't know what to juice (what fruits) and with what vegetables, to make the juice palatable to my taste.
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  • Juicing itself is very beneficial when trying to lose weight. Paul and Ann Malkmus filmed a video on the subject of weight gain and loss that I believe you will find useful. Here is the link. You may want to add more greens and other vegetables to your carrot juice. Also, fruit, nuts, sweeteners, and avocados should be used in moderation.

    Here is a link to what a “typical day” on the Hallelujah Acres’ Diet looks like. This will give you a schedule of what to eat/drink and when.

    We have many testimonies from Type I diabetics who were able to reduce insulin usage by as much as 75 percent but I am not aware of any Type I who was able to completely get off insulin. The drastic reduction in the amount of required insulin helps offset the side-effects of excess insulin usage.
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