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I’m anxious

Scared to release my idea to the world

Hi Carla, thanks so much for the inside secrets pdf. I think it is really useful and a source of reassurance for those who don't have degree's in computer it's price just right i think.

If you have a mo could I ask you a question?

I have what i believe to be a great idea for a sports coaching/tips program which hasn't yet been invented for this particular sport.

I think it probably wise to do some research on how many people want such an app (although to be honest I don't really want to, i just want to create!)

I am thinking about doing this via adwords and a splash page but if I were to do this I am worried that someone who can create these things quicker than me will steal my idea.

I am at the paper and pencil design stage and am about to look for 'experts' to provide content. Do I wait until its almost ready before looking for interest on the web (via adwords + splash page) do I do it now, or do I need to do it at all.

I am pretty afraid right now, can you help?!

Many thanks
Bristol, England.
ps perhaps using forums would be a better way?
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