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Interface—Boxes and Arrows

The concept for PDFMasher is absolutely wonderful! And in many ways is well-executed.
Please accept the following comment from someone who couldn’t program his way out of a wet paper bag. Be that as it may, could you make an interface for the Page View where the viewer gets a graphic preview of the page and could then draw boxes for the elements or even adjust the boxes the program so cleverly draws?
I have had the program draw two boxes one inside the other and they can’t be separated, so you can’t tell the flow where to go. I had a scanner some years ago that could do that for a group of pictures ganged onto the flatbed so they each came out as the separate picture they went in as.
The reason I ask is that TOCs in particular come out as a mess. But it would have other uses as well.
Next item is trying to use the Re-order mode with something as complex as a TOC. The experience I have had is that the Blue Arrow doesn’t stay where you point it. It always wants to stay in the clump of arrows that it opts for itself. You can eventually make it move, but not to the place you want it to move. Of course, I think it would help straighten out this second problem if you could make the boxes the way you wanted them in the first place instead of having to rely on the machine.
Again I don’t know the difficulties of programming this, but it seems the nodes in Illustrator where you can actually grab “the thing itself” would work quite well. Or the moveable node in Google Maps where you move it along the line itself. That works well, too.
Like I say, I don’t know how it’s done, but it seems important to have it work smoothly.
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  • Thanks for your suggestions. They certainly correspond to areas in PdfMasher that could be improved. The problem is the investment in development time that is required. Contributions to PdfMasher aren't great, so I doubt that investing more development time into it will be worthwhile. Because PdfMasher already works OK for my own uses, I don't have much of an incentive to continue its development.

    But being open source always opens the possibility of another developer with the same needs as yourself stepping in.
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