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HARO API - Help Apps Integrate the Wonderful HARO Website.

For the Radio show I help produce, I have been developing a small little web application,

I also use HARO very extensively. It really helps speed up and automate the process of finding guests to come talk about a particular topic.

What I would love to do, is initiate a HARO request from my site, track that request, and the progress with replies through my web application. Once I accept a Pitch, I can then elevate that tracked HARO pitch in my application, to an Episode or show.

Once I do that, it could automatically tell HARO who I accepted for my show, and possibly rate them.

Also, I would love so that when I post a show from my site, it could also use the HARO API to notify of a published show.

Automation is the key for me. Help me do it.

PS I would be willing to pay a small amount of money per month for access to this functionality, as well as write an open source Ruby on Rails Gem to provide a Ruby API wrapper around the HARO Web API.
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