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Recent emails posted on the site would be nice

Archives to show recent email blasts would be nice. Some never arrive, like the ones I believe were sent today. Would be nice to be able to see them on your site.
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  • Adam (Official Rep) March 07, 2010 19:17
    Hi Jeff,

    We're always looking for ways to improve HARO. The problem with displaying recent inquiries on the site is that queries are time-sensitive. We can't display them on the site after the reporters' deadlines because it would frustrate folks who tried to contact them but could not.

    So in order to do what you're asking, we'd need to code a way for queries to appear on the site for a predefined period of time and then to be auto-removed on deadline. Is this technically possible to do? Absolutely. However it was not something we chose to deploy in HARO 1.0 version of the site. It is on a list of potential features for HARO 2.0.

    Thanks for your input!

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