I want to login to the heart buddy network, can I login with my heartmastery user name?

I am a heartmastery subscriber, and I want to connect up with the Heart Buddy Network right away, but my user name wont work.
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  • Unfortunately heartmastery user names and heart buddy network user names and passwords are different. In fact we recommend using separate passwords.

    You will have to create a heart buddy network account that is separate from your heartmastery account.

    Why is that?
    The heart buddy network is open to you and all your friends, you do not need to be a heartmastery subscriber to join and post on the heart buddy network.

    This way the heart buddy network is a much more powerful resource, you can practice heart based living with a heart buddy, connect with real life friends, or use the heart buddy finder to find someone to help you practice heartmastery tools and techniques.
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