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I’m confused

Can anyone clarify the install process on macs?

I'm an experienced mac user but never normally get involved in using command line / underlying unix stuff. So I'm stumped by what these two lines of the installation guide actually mean. How do I 'run' chmod +x *.sh in 'bin. What is "bin'? Can anyone 'decode'?

# Make the shell scripts in the bin folder of the fixx installation executable, by running chmod +x *.sh in bin.
# Change directory to the bin folder. Run
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    Hi Arthur,

    Apologies if our installation instructions don't point this out clearly, this is a fault on our part and will make sure we update them accordingly. Thanks for pointing this out to us :)

    bin is a folder within fixx, so if I were to download an unzip a fresh copy, I would be presented with fixx-standalone-1.7 folder, which I can navigate to in Finder.

    It's in this folder that you can find the bin file we were referring to. bin is basically a directory where we hold a number of scripts, the most important of which are and, which as you can guess can be run to start and stop fixx. In order for these scripts to work their magic, they have to be made executable. The chmod command does precisely this. Don't worry though, as you only have to do this once.

    Since we want to make a bunch of files executable its both quicker and easier at the command line using the Terminal app, so we suggest you do it this way.

    If you downloaded and unpacked your fresh copy of fixx to your Desktop, open Terminal app, and type the following. This is essentially what we done before in Finder - navigate into fixx, into the bin folder.

    cd Desktop/fixx-standalone-1.7/bin/

    Obviously if you downloaded it to your Downloads folder, or Documents you need to change the location of the first directory. Since you are now in the directory where the scripts(.sh files) are which we need to make executable, we can type the chmod command you were asking about:

    chmod +x *.sh

    And that's it, you can startup fixx by typing this command in Terminal.

    Note: You have to be in the bin directory to run the following commands when you startup and shutdown fixx.


    Similarly, to shutdown fixx you run ./

    We hope this clears things up for you Arthur, obviously if you have anymore questions, don't hesitate to ask :D
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