I’m happy

More Options, Change heywire number, Choose unique number

I want to change heywire number, is this option can be able the future ??
Some other Software make that possible for free for one time or user can pay and choose unique number from list

I want to suggestions a few things

1- Web profile to mange all services change email, password,contact, heywire number
2- Change or cancel Account number ( free or paid service) very important
3- log off and chooses another account, that will be help for ppl buy a device have already heywire number
4- Access contact list on iPhone, create list of user have heywire account without upload contacts
5- block list, user can make block for some numbers
6- Auto reply,
7- change the link for people icons on the top iPhone app and make for (heywire contact, facebook contact, gtalk, MSN, etc...) not to tell my friend about heywire, that link can be inside setting page
8- add more themes for Apps user can change background and text book color
9- Change or add more device for heywire number through web, that will be usefull when we get another device and we want to sell the old one, to move number from old to new one or at late keep that number away to used from another person

There are a lot of idea to improve heywire services

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