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New Plans...
Parameters.. can we create a database of parameters that are available for all new plans? Is there a way to remove the stock parameters from the listing. i.e.: airline
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Posted 3 years ago

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Aaron Ueland

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Hi Catherine,

When I go into an old plan and click "add new parameter", the control in Hexawise is a dropdown with parameters I've defined previously. 

However, care must be taken to select the correct one.  For example some plans were able to use value expansion to condense test coverage for certain values, where other test plans needed to exercise each value.  For example I have some cases with multiple types of small business user.  For my base parameter set I have them spelled.  In other test areas (where I know small business users will always be treated the same) I use a value expansion called 'SB User'.  Hexawise is already efficient, but this lets me be yet more efficient in certain situations.

(FYI I am not a paid spokesperson for Hexawise :) )

Short version, I believe Hexawise does this for you.  But if you're like me and end up with multiple parameter sets for the same thing, you'll need good naming discipline to keep them straight -- especially if multiple test designers will have their hands in the plans.

Hope this helps.

Aaron Ueland

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Justin Hunter, Hexawise Founder, Founder and CEO

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Good questions!

We do not get too many questions or comments about the Drop Down menu items that automatically appear in user accounts on the Define Inputs screen when you begin to type in letters into the Parameter Name field. This feature in Hexawise works a lot like the ingenious auto-complete functionality seen in YouTube and Google as users begin to type their search terms.

At the risk of telling you more than you want to know, let me answer your questions in 5 parts:

1) What is the purpose of having the drop-down menu "auto-complete" feature?

  • Time saving (e.g., if you have 7 types of clients that will be used in multiple test plans, you can simply type "Cli... in your parameter name, select the parameter "Client Type" and then you would instantly have those 7 client types listed as Values in your plan.
  • "Ideation" (e.g., if you're not sure what kinds of variables to include in a plan, it can be helpful to see a lot of possibilities to choose from; even if you don't want to use one of the available 'pre-populated' variables, it might trigger a useful idea for you to use.
  • Consistency (e.g., if there are 6 standard browsers that your company wants to have tested for all of their clent-facing systems, and that list of browser versions get updated from time to time, an admin user could update the list and everyone with access to Hexawise would then always use the latest list.

2) Is it currently possible to prevent some of the values (e.g., stock parameters like those found in the airplane example) from appearing in your account?

  • No, that capability is not currently supported.
  • Values that will appear in your account include (a) parameters and values that you have used in your prior plans (cool!), and (b) parameters and values that are pre-populated (sometimes cool, sometimes admittedly annoying because you'd rather not see them)
3) Is it currently possible to add more values in the "auto-complete" section for you and your colleagues?

  • Yes, that capability is currently supported provided that your company has it's own instance (e.g., vs. simply; it is not possible if you are only using
  • You would need to work with an admin user or ask to become an admin user.
  • If you became an admin user, then you could add additional parameters and values so that they would be available for everyone at your company to see. This could be very useful if there are reusable lists of test inputs that multiple different testers would benefit from having access to.
  • If you would like to become an admin user, please click on the chat button on the bottom right of your screen after you log into your Hexawise account.

4) What are plans for the future related to this feature?

  • We are considering ways to make this feature more powerful and easier to use.
  • Stay tuned.
  • We are very open to ideas that people have. Are there particular lists of values that you would find interesting to use?

5. What do you need to "watch out for" when using this feature?

  • As Aaron mentions, you might experience situations where you have the same parameter name available to reuse. The same parameter name might appear multiple times in the drop down menu with different numbers of values listed. If you face that situation, be sure to list of values that is most appropriate for the testing project at hand.
  • As Aaron also alludes to, most previously-saved lists of values tend to be lists of values only. But some lists will include Value Expansion details as well as the values.  Beware of this when you make your selections from the drop down menu.

Thanks again for your questions. Please keep them coming!