New Exporting Formats Supported - Including HP Quality Center, CSV, and even Mind Maps!

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  • Updated 6 months ago
Hexawise now supports exports to the following formats:

* Excel

* HP Quality Center


* Mind Map or Outline (OPML)

As a reminder, we make improvements to our Hexawise test case generating tool frequently. You can always check out our "up to the minute updates" here:

Justin Hunter, Hexawise Founder, Founder and CEO

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Posted 3 years ago

Stephen Blower

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Adding the exporting of Mind Maps is a great idea, however in your FAQ here: What tools support the imported / exported OPML file format? says XMind supports OPML, unfortunatly it doesn't.

Sean Johnson, CTO

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I looked into this, and you are right, XMind supports OPML only for export, not for import. We added it to the Hexawise list because there are two uses of OPML in Hexawise. One is to export your plan to OPML for viewing in a Mind Map tool (you can't use XMind for this as you rightly point out). The other is to create a mind map in a tool, then export it into OPML and create your Hexawise test plan from the OPML. This you can do with XMind. I'll update the FAQ to note this distinction.