New feature suggestion: Hexawise should allow users to export all combinations

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This suggestion was posted by a Hexawise user via Twitter - @knorrium (Felipe Knorr)
Would love an "export all combinations" option :)
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Justin Hunter, Hexawise Founder, Founder and CEO

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Posted 9 years ago

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Justin Hunter, Hexawise Founder, Founder and CEO

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You're not the first person to suggest this (and I'm not eager to give users the "brush off"), but the problem is that combinatorial explosions that occur in many of our plans would make this option impractical in many cases. e.g., "Want to export 1.5 quadrillion test cases, anyone?"

Perhaps we could make it a simple option to address that... e.g., when total possible tests are less than or equal to a reasonable amount: (1,000? or 5,000? or 10,000?), we'd allow it as an option but we'd turn it off as an option if there were a quadrillion possible tests. Would that work for you? What is the largest number of tests you could see yourself actually wanting?

Also, you might be interested in the studies that show that by the time you have 6-way tests, it is extraordinarily unlikely that more tests generated from the same test inputs would help you. (Google [ Kuhn Kacker Lei Hunter ] for an article with that data).

- Justin
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Felipe Knorr Kuhn

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You brought a point I didn't think of, because my sample test data generated only ~800 combinations.

How would you get to a number to be considered "reasonable"? It depends on the context of the application.

If you take a different approach and enable/disable the export all feature considering the file size, it would be better for everyone, as you would generate less useless traffic and the user would not have to wait ad eternum.

This also makes the export to CSV feature even more important, as the current XML uses a lot more of data than a simple CSV file :)

And/or you could just zip the file before sending it to the user, but that would require extra cpu cycles on your servers.

Perhaps this could also spawn another feature request, "Show the size of the file to be exported" :)

What do you think?
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kamal gairola

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Hi Justin,

This was really a nice conversation to take further. I would really appreciate if we are able to export at least if test cases range from up to 1000 to 1500 tests.