I’m frustrated

Ad Revenue seems to be the redesign goal, but usability is compromised!

I understand from a revenue model you want the user to drill into the site in order for them to get reviews, but one of the benfits to the user was being able to glanse on the homepage for ratings/rankings. In my experience you are commanding the user to drill into the site for more engagement/page views which ultimately generates ad-revenue. This is wrong in my opinion. The reason I come to your site is the quick-glanse feedback and rankings , which gives me an excellent user-experience and has me solely using your site . I was loyal to this promise of easy data gathering. You have switched it up and have forced me to spend time/clicks/Ads in order for me to get my info. I don't like it and now feel less inclined to be at your site.... After 7 years..Just sayin...

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