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Album reviews disposition in the page

I don ́t like the new album reviews disposition on the site. I think the album reviews should be right below the news section. The rest of the page i guess its ok. I ́ll have to get used to it.
PS: when will you review the new album from tha dogg pound?
PS2: i want to know more about nate dogg. i ́m in southamerica (argentina), and we don ́t have hh pages like yours here. That ́s why I consult a lot hhdx. And i ́m really concerned about Nate Dogg ́s health, and I really don ́t know much about it. But today I get excited when i saw the song ́s list from the new dpg album with a song featuring nate.
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    I’m happy
    Michael (Chief Operating Officer) July 28, 2010 15:42

    Thanks for the great feedback compadre. Duly noted on the positioning of the album reviews on the homepage. You're the first user to suggest that they should have a more prominent spot, and we'll definitely keep this in mind. I'll let you know if we see a trend among other users or make any adjustments based on your suggestion.

    As for Nate Dogg, here's the latest update that we have regarding his stroke:


    Thanks for all the great feedback and ideas, Matias. And as always, if you have any other ideas or suggestions, don't hesitate to drop us a line.
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