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I understand there's plenty of other news and battles to cover, but it must be noted that the coverage on this site has been significantly lacking. I was wondering if you would be opposed to user submitted articles, or at least reviews of battles...? If that is not an option, maybe some form of "Opinions" section, in which articles/reviews can be submitted for editorial review and possible posting? Trying to do so in the comments section, only leads to childish arguments about fictional irrelevant league vs league bickering that is not conducive to promoting nor propelling the culture forward.
I'm not seeking a spotlight nor am I looking for attention or even recognition in any kind of way. I do not have a Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or any other form of social media. I am one of the top, if not the highest, Patreon contributor to "Ruin Your Day" "Counter Productive" and "KOTD" and do so willingly for love of the sport and appreciation for AvoGODo, Dirtbag Dan, and all of the RYD, CP, and KOTD staff. I only wish to contribute, as an unbiased, intelligent individual who has been watching battles for years. I have a deep appreciation for all the battlers who write, what can essentially be described as "aggressive man poetry," that some people are even embarrassed to tell others they are a fan of and would admit to watching endless hours of porn before explaining their deep obsession for such a vile "art" form. The thought, effort, creativity and imagination put into the such an avant garde form of art with little coming of it (sans the Wild 'n Out crew) in return other than fleeting YouTube fame.
Dizaster on a card already ensures a sold out venue and plenty of eyes and ears at attention, yet not one interview let alone article with the most basic coverage was and has yet to be posted? Dizaster's battle versus Oxxxymiron was, and will remain for the foreseeable future as, THE most historic moment in battle rap history.
It was a battle in which a VERY well known international superstar came to the States and proved to Dizaster, himself and his entire country (who were all in the building with him it seemed like!) that he could not only go against, but demolish the best.
Oxxxy used this platform, and his voice that reaches millions, as more than just an outlet to creatively yell obscenities and violent references about one's family. Oxxxymiron touched on issues that most ignorant Americans, and society in general, don't even take the time to think about. He did so in a very eloquent, verbose and still yet very entertaining fashion, all while English is maybe his third language! Most English speakers have enough trouble understanding the language itself after years of speaking ONLY that. Oxxxy overtook the battle, not only with the entire Soviet Union in the building with him, but with sheer talent, drive and passion for the art. As a fan of this sport as a whole, and as a thinking human being, I cannot in good conscience say that Dizaster won. He definitely did not get bodied at all and had one of the most polished performances I've ever seen from him.
This was the most sober, calculated and prepared Dizaster I've seen in a long time. He kept his cool, but was definitely NOT cool with what was being said. Dizaster punched Hoffa on some grown man/playground pettiness for running his mouth and daring him to do it. Which is completely understandable because of the animosity the two had already and Hoffa was literally asking for it, 3 times! But if you're going to punch someone for some petty shit like that... Imagine the restraint being shown by not popping off on Oxxxy for what was being said. You can see Miron's words slicing deep and sinking in as Dizaster puts his hands over his head countless times during the battle. Good thing most everyone in the crowd either only want those DBZ, TMZ, Pokémon, or other irrelevant topical shit to react to or there could have easily been a bad Dizaster in Los Globos! (Big Pun intended!)
In my opinion, which we're all entitled to have and I'm sure most all are going to disagree with and have some irrelevant points to make is that... Dizaster didn't lose but Oxxxy did win... The real winner here is anyone with a brain, actual thoughts, individual ideas, questions and a conscience. I just want to have a conversation and pick the brains of these very similarly different people. Two people who might have opposing views, but definitely have the same perspective. They see the world through the eyes of having had to live in war torn countries with struggles of genocides, never ending wars and an overtly oppressive political system.
I digress, my only point here is that it's been two weeks since the historic battle and not a single post. Also that evening, I witnessed Illmac solidify his spot as he totally dismantled Iron Solomon... Bigg K vs Pass was a classic 2-1 either way... A. Ward vs Pnut was a showcase of talent and hunger... Don't even get me started on the Toronto event with a TITLE MATCH on the card, and still not one piece of information, updates, or reporting of any kind?!
With Battlerap Chris moving on up and Jackson Yates, Red Flagging on anybody in his way, it seems as if the only contributions are made by interns with little or no interest in the sport itself, only trying to earn some credits or build up their resume. Please get someone, ANYONE, with just half of the same passion that Battle Rap Chris had when it came to reporting. Thank you for taking the time to read this. Have a great day!
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